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Keep Your Promises

… do not “try” to keep them. Big difference!

The word “try” is an excuse for getting out of keeping your word and it usually means that you will not deliver what you promised, period.

I have many vendors and suppliers that use the word “try” when we are discussing a project and as soon as I hear that word, I interupt them by saying; “okay, so you’re not going to deliver it when you say you will” and it catches them off guard every time.

They usually respond with something like “why would you say that?” and I tell them the same thing that the word “try” means no and I would rather hear the truth of a “yes or no” than the word “try”.

You will either deliver what you promise or you won’t. It’s that simple.

The same rule applies to appointments, deadlines, meetings and personal commitments – Think first before you promise because there is nothing that annoys a person more than a broken promise.


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