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Keep Your Promises

… do not “try” to keep them. Big difference!

The word “try” is an excuse for getting out of keeping your word and it usually means that you will not deliver what you promised, period.

I have many vendors and suppliers that use the word “try” when we are discussing a project and as soon as I hear that word, I interupt them by saying; “okay, so you’re not going to deliver it when you say you will” and it catches them off guard every time.

They usually respond with something like “why would you say that?” and I tell them the same thing that the word “try” means no and I would rather hear the truth of a “yes or no” than the word “try”.

You will either deliver what you promise or you won’t. It’s that simple.

The same rule applies to appointments, deadlines, meetings and personal commitments – Think first before you promise because there is nothing that annoys a person more than a broken promise.


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Ask and you shall receive.

“Ask and you shall receive” is the best sales advice for  sales professionals today. A great sales pitch will not yield you the same results unless you ASK for the business.

Is this just for sales people?

No, it is actually for all of us. Many people do not think of themselves as salespeople, but, one way or another, we are always selling ourselves (or our ideas) everyday.

Selling, broken down to it’s most basic form, is simply matching the benefits of something to the needs and desires of another.

But, what is often missing in many sales presentations is the final close… i.e. asking for the order.

I have been on many sales presentations where the salesperson did a great job in making a presentation and at the end of the meeting, saying something vague like “have a nice day” or “I’ll see you soon” and then walking away. They never asked for the order!

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Happy Thanksgiving and Holiday Message

The Holiday Season is a welcome break from everyday pressures … An especially good time to count our blessings … An appropriate time to say “Thanks Sincerely” to our many great clients, friends and family members.

I hope you have the most enjoyable holiday season and a bountiful, happy and healthy New Year!

Warmest Wishes,

Tom Bello, President

Red Rock Print Productions, Inc.


Why Do Some Clients Leave You Behind?

If you spend all your time trying to attract new customers only, you are probably neglecting your company’s lifeline; it’s existing loyal customer base.

Loyal customers typically account for an unusually high percentage of your sales and profits. It takes a lot longer for a new account to become as profitable as an existing client that already knows and trusts you (and often provides critical feedback on your services and pricing as a vendor) that a new client will not.

If a loyal customer does leave, it is important to find out where they went and why they so you can avoid those mistakes in the future.

Once you understand why a customer left, it will help you determine whether or not your current business strategies are working and what you need to change going forward.

Also, exit interviews with defecting clients, if you can get them, are a good sales tool because they will help you map your company’s future by understanding it’s past.

It is believed that one-third of unhappy clients can be saved and brought back into the mix with proper attention to their reasons for leaving in the first place.

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Old-Fashioned Hard Work

Is old-fashioned hard work a thing of the past?

Not at Red Rock!

“We’re not afraid of hard work … actually, we work our tails off all year long and our clients love it.” Tom Bello, owner of in Boca Raton, Florida, says.

Tom adds: “as our industry and the economy have gotten tougher and tougher over the years, we continue to impress our clients with old-fashioned, roll-up-your-sleeves, keep the client first attitude.”

Because of this positive attitude, Red Rock continues to add high quality clients and charities to their expanding customer base  by out-servicing their competitors. At the same time, Red Rock offers an unmatched commitment to total customer satisfaction on every print job they manage.

It’s the “Red Rock” difference.

Tom then adds: “Basically, printing is printing – it’s ink on paper and most printers do a decent job of it, but it’s also easy for many print vendors to mumble the words about excellent service, total commitment and keeping the client first and then not back it up with action. This is exactly where Red Rock is different and where we separate ourselves from the pack … I love to advertise it first, then prove it on every job, for every client, every day. Delivering on our promise is the most rewarding part of my job.”

See for yourself – Let us bid and print your next project.

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Holiday Cocktail Recipes

Make your list and be sure to check it twice …

Thanks for the recent print order of your holiday recipe pads!

Visit one of our favorite clients, Total Wine & More at and stir up a little fun with their drink recipes and themed cocktails. Find recipes by the type of liquor being used or see their ever-growing list of holiday and seasonal cocktails.

Check in often and find a new favorite!

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A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words!

It was once said;

“Advertising has to be the world’s second oldest profession, afterall, someone had to tell everyone about the first.”

When creating direct mail pieces, brochures, postcards etc, keep in mind what the real purpose of the piece is; you are trying to get the prospect to call or visit you for more information about your company so once they do, you can start the selling process from there.

Do not attempt to jam everything you know in to one mailer or brochure and hope the piece sells your product or service for you; you are simply trying to get the prospect to contact you for additional information so the selling process can begin.

For me, I believe in creating a BIG message with a few words to capture the attention of the reader in a split second. I also prefer to include a colorful, eye-catching photo with a simple headline on it because a picture really is worth a thousand words!

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Jersey Shore Memories

My poor home town and home state of Bricktown, New Jersey and the Jersey Shore area, friends, family members and all others in the middle of this gigantic mess – It’s so sad to see all the updates and pictures of the devastation and our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

I hope everyone sticks together, hangs tough and takes care of each other.

… I know you will!

Here are a few pictures of the Jersey Shore from 2010 I took. Enjoy.

Jersey Shore Memories

RIP, River Phoenix.

I feel awkward posting anything outside the storm coverage today (especially since I grew up on the Jersey Shore in the middle of the hardest hit areas), but today is also the 19th anniversary already of the death of one of my favorites, River Phoenix.

Natalie Merchant’s tribute song “River” is timeless. Enjoy the video below.

RIP, River.

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